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Two-Faced Kittens

Diprosopus, also known as craniofacial duplication, is an extremely rare form of conjoined twins whereby there is a near complete fusion of bodies but part or all of the face is duplicated on the head.
— Wikipedia

Animal oddities
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Frank and Louie

Frank and Louie, a 6-year-old…cat with two faces and an easygoing personality. (T&G Staff/JIM COLLINS)

The cat has two mouths, two noses and two working eyes. A third eye in the middle is not functional. Marty named her cat “Frank and Louie” so each face would have a name. Only one mouth, the one on the cat’s right side — or Frank’s side — is connected to an esophagus, so Frank gets all the food.
— Nancy Sheehan, "Cat sees world from both sides,", 21 July 2006.

Guiness World Record announcement

Image (7-10 June 2000)

Image, the two-faced kitten (JPG)   
Image with owner Sandra Pyatt (JPG)

Image, the…kitten that received a good prognosis for survival even though he was born with two sets of eyes, two mouths and two noses, died [the morning of 10 June 2000] in his quilt-lined bed. “I just guess it wasn’t meant to be,” owner Sandra Pyatt said.
— Harry Yanoshak, “Two-faced kitten dies unexpectedly,” Buck County Courier Times, 11 June 2000; See also

Deuce (8-11 March 2005)

Teresa Morrison's kitten
Internet Broadcasting Systems

Deuce's owner says they were forced to put the kitten to sleep on [11 March 2005] after he came down with pneumonia and was not strong enough to survive.
— “Kitten with Two Faces Dies,” FirstCoastNews, 15 March 2005; See also “Kitten Born With Two Faces,”, 10 March 2005

Gemini (12-16 June 2005)

Gemini was born…with two mouths, two tongues, two noses and four eyes.
— “Oregon cat born with two faces,” The News Review Online, 16 June 2005.

Tiger (12-15(?) July 2006)

(video1, video2)

It has two mouths that meow in unison, two noses and four eyes that have not opened yet, NBC 4's Mike Bowersock reported. [Owner Charles] Roberts said he hasn't decided on a name for the kitten yet, but said he wants to name it Tiger.
— "Kitten Born With Two Faces, One Body",, 12 July 2006.

The Ohio two-faced kitten has disappeared. It had a scheduled appointment with a veterinarian on July 15, but the family could not find the kitten that morning. A house door was found open, leading to speculation that it had been stolen or died in the night and was removed by its mother.
— Nancy Sheehan, "Cat sees world from both sides,", 21 July 2006.

? (?-6 August 2008)

(video1, video2)

It was born last week to a shop cat at Woodville Auto Finance in Northwood, [Ohio]. It has four eyes, which all open, two noses, but only one mouth.
— "Two faced kitten died," WECT TV6, 7 August 2008.

Harvey Dent (31 January - 2 February 2012)


There's a new two-faced character in the world, and he's a lot cuddlier than Aaron Eckhart. Newborn Janus cat Harvey Dent has four eyes, two noses, two mouths, and one appropriate name.

Little Harvey was born in this week in Port Charlotte, Fla. Janus cats are frequently plagued with health issues, which can be especially pronounced if the cat has a duplicated esophagus. Fortunately, all of Harv's duplicated parts seem to be working, and he has a role model for the long-lived Janus: Frank and Louie, the 12-year-old two-faced cat who was recently won a spot in the Guinness World Records. Still, the owners are continuing monitor him for health problems, even as neighbors are complaining that their "abomination" of a black cat should be put down.
— "What do you name an adorable two-faced kitten? Meet Harvey Dent,", 5 February 2012.

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