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Politics is the art of begging for money in return for doing favors.

Busking is the art of performing favors with merely a tip jar set out in case someone cares.

Busking is illegal in most spaces.

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Without all of you, could never have happened. I've drawn so much wisdom from countless sources while sharing these works on my pages over the years.

In 1996, I had a dream of being in class and given the homework assignment of either writing a paper on cloning or brain implants, so I chose both, immersing myself in research, and by February 1997 I successfully lifted the news blackout regarding Dolly the cloned sheep. My research into the history of brain implants was credited as the basis for the Wikipedia article on the subject in 2005.

In March 2006, I convinced the Justice Department to finally comply with the 1990 Child Protection Act mandate to report Missing Children Statistics.

I've helped make this world safer for everyone else at great risk to personal safety. So much of the information I post is inspired by events that have happened to me.

Please consider sharing with me your research, expertise, two cents, and friendly conversation.

Instructors and students have been extremently enlightening, and I'm especially thankful to my benefactors for their advice and generous PayPal donations.


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