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¡TchKunG! TchKunG! ( ch kung' ) n. An onomatopoeia symbolic of industrial society and decay, i.e. the sound of a factory production line, a cash register, or a pile driver. -v. 1. To put through extremely harsh conditions 2. To destroy. Most often unintentionally applied to musical equipment and van parts. 3. Also related: "Ch'i Kung" roughly translated as "working the energy"; breathing exercises for controlling the body's vital energy, or "Ch'i". TchKunG! is a tea cozy, an artist collective, and an experimental percussion and theater troupe. ¡TchKunG! is comprised of musicians, fireworkers, performance artists, martial artists, welders, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, programmers, videographers, activists, and clowns. We are looking to add tattoo artists, acupuncturists, and city planners. Heh!

Cevin, Rick, Devon, Grey (Amuk Filastine), J. Sun

¡TCHKUNG! machine sound. Cash register, typesetter, pile driver. ¡TCHKUNG! is the sound made by the machine in motion, stamping out mass produced media-ocrities. What’s in a label? A gun by any other name can still kill you dead.

Rick Tyson the Fire-eater

We embrace and promote an ideology of deep ecology, autonomy, equality, and collective cooperation. We call to unrelenting resistance against the forces of Sterility and Control. If a spark is needed, we hope that this…may be a match. — Incite

�TCHKUNG! 1. Waco Christ 2. Hall 'O the Kahn 3. Born in a Barn 4. Commodification of Time 5. Clearcut? Spike! 6. Hand Job ¡TCHKUNG! 1. Hall 'O the Khan 2. Born in a Barn 3. Commodification of Time 4. Clearcut? Spike! 5. Hand Job 6. Waco Christ 7. Conspiracy Job (live) 8. Mud/Abort, Retry, Fail? (live) ¡TCHKUNG! Dogs & Gears 1. Gone to Croatan 2. Io Lilith 3. The Natives are Foriegn 4. Crashing the System 5. Born in a Barn 6. IU 630 7. Conspiracy Job Post World Handbook 1. Dijamy 2. Crashing the System 3. Feral 4. Solidarity 5. Chao-wera 6. Circus Loopis (with Piece of Meat Theater) 7. F�r�l 8. Truckstop 9. Clearcut 10. Hall of the Khan 11. Bou Jeloud Incite: A Soundtrack for Post World Insurrection 1. Tuning 2. Khat (NAHHS) 3. Smash Things Up 4. FeralCore 5. Nomadology 6. Tegucigalpa 7. New Earth Rising 8. Picture of the Riotzone 9. New Earth 10. Achmed�s New Nikes (includes video: Chao-wera)
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Editor�s Note: The following text originally appeared in the liner notes for the �TCHKUNG! release Dogs and Gears:


We are alive within a sick, unbalanced human culture. Consequently, the very planet that supports our culture is ailing, with much of the life on it in a critical condition. To understand why we are destroying each other and our global habitat, it is necessary to understand the parasitic civilization. This is a comparatively recent trait to humans, and is by far the most prevalent in the dominant “Western” cultures. Preservation, or return to, balanced life on this planet requires that we combat, undermine and change this destructive world view.

Editor�s Note: The following five writings originally appeared in the liner notes for the �TCHKUNG! releases of their EPs:


�TCHKUNG! asks; What is the reason for the continuation of clearcutting?

This is answered by the corporate states with two reasons. The first is that clearcuts are healthy for the environment. This absurdly false reasoning argues that clearcuts stimulate wild fires and aid regrowth of newer, healthier forests. This conclusion, which was paid for well by logging companies, might look better if clearcutting was done to selective areas once every several hundred years and there were never any real wild fires, and what was replanted was a truly diverse ecosystem instead of a monocultureal tree farm. As it stands now, this rationalization is a perverse lunacy force-fed to the ignorant.

The second justification for clearcutting is “cost efficiency”: It’s cheaper than anything else. Now we approach the truth. It is argued that somehow if the logging company makes a grossly huge profit destroying the forest, the community will benefit. The trickle down hydra rears another ugly head. Rather than laugh outright, let’s examine this from the bottom up.

Why is clearcutting cheaper than say, ecologically sound naturally selective cutting? We are told “because it is less labor intensive.” Labor intensive? What they are saying then, is that selective cutting creates too many jobs. If there are too many people working they can’t make that grossly huge profit. That same grossly huge profit that was going to benefit the community at large.

�TCHKUNG! believes that it would be better if the community at large had long term secure jobs in selectively cutting and caring for the forest. Protection of the environment for future generations and jobs for the present one are one and the same thing! If anyone argues against that, look at where their money is coming from. Obviously there is no reason except corporate greed for further clearcutting.

�TCHKUNG!, therefore, in the absolute protection of this Earth, and in the long-term security interests of the forest product workers, declares clearcutting to be a crime, both morally and physically. �TCHKUNG! condemns any corporate or state entity which would clearcut, or would compel their employees to partake in clearcutting. �TCHKUNG! endorses individual and irregular forces to use whatever means necessary to halt clearcutting, with maximum respect given to human and non-human life.

Note: Naturally selective cutting is a labor intensive form of logging. Using this method, logging takes place in forests of varying aged trees. The largest and strongest trees are left, as well as newer growth. Trees that are in the shadow of dominant trees and are not quite as strong are thinned out individually by logging teams, and hauled out of the forest to be milled. The dominant trees will then re-seed the forest floor around them, ensuring genetic strength. Applied lightly and correctly, this method will ensure a continued yield from the same area of forest, while allowing the forest to remain a virtually intact ecosystem.


Drums, from the beginning, have been markers of change, symbolically dividing time into beats. A hearbeat insisting that we are alive, we are here and strong. A walking beat proclaiming that we are coming. The booming thunder, worshiping the gods and heavens. The drum ceremonially marked festivals and harvests; the drums called the people in time of war. The drums symbolized thunder when it was time to call for a change. Thunder after winder, calling the rains and change that create the life of spring.

�TCHKUNG! is about calling thunder. We as a species and a planet are engaged in a winter from which there will be no spring. The simpering drizzle of those weakly attempting to reform our destructive path merely lubricates the machine. The older generation of activists claimed a hard rain was going to fall, but the thunder they called was the impotent popgun of bureaucracy. Now the last wild living things of Terra are browning under the choking clouds of the human winter. A grey winter of bland uniformity, a winter of the spirit. A cold, sterile impersonal winter, whose soot, like snow, covers and kills all variety of life underneath, leaving a flat even field of concrete. Winter of our malcontents, unnaturally, because the Terran winter gives the promise of spring. There is no promise of spring for us. If life is to continue and return, we need the Thunder of change. a thunder strong enough to break the long winter. Once again, the drums must sound, the heartbeats must come alive, the fire rage and the hammer come down. Calling Thunder that shakes the ground and sends the tower of Babylon smashing to the ground. Calling Thunder that returns fire to the eyes, power to the heart and gives the hope of spring.



In the temple of science we have decided that the earth travels around the sun at a steady pace, and that the Earth also rotates upon an independent axis. Humanity soon created machines so that for the “benefit of all” we would know the precise nanosecond of our current position in infinity. Not much time passed before employers began measuring our hours of servitude, jailers your time in a cage, and the government the time of anything they are interested in, whether slicing eternity into marketable entities is an improvement in the human condition is arguable. Civilization’s time measured presence on the planet appears relatively insignificant in comparison to the amount of “time” this planet existed previous to our development into beings that could record communication across vast distances easily, make slaves of other creatures and commit global suicide via war, nuclear catastrophe or environmental decay. Clearly the bulk of humanity (or at least the controlling minority) lacks any respect for the millions of years of biological evolution. Taking the relativity scale farther, our lives are a blip of infinitesimal size in the length of infinity or forever of the uni/multiverse. Our ape minds do not relish the concept of insignificance. Ideas of this sort are useful as a tool for deemphasizing yourself to keep the ego (pardon the Freudian term) in check. Easily the most enlightening/perturbing aspect of our measurement of time is the awareness of our finite existence, approximately 60-100 four season cycles.


The intent is not to inspire despair and nihilism, but to act as a catalyst for re-evaluating humankind’s habits in hopes of discovering a method of existence where there is no such concept as “wasting time,” or selling chunks of your physical existence to those in power. Words and actions can abolish the tense.


The biological meltdown is on (while this ecocidal “civilization” rots in it’s academic wasteland). This myopic utilitarianism is outdated — someone doesn’t get it. Institutionalized environmentalism was created to appease those who are mildy concerned — to ease their fears. We were given one generation, now it’s passed — the grace period is over — THIS IS THE NEW RAGE. We’re calling for a general revolt, D.A.R.E. to be responsible for your actions. THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS — take your future into your own hands — let yourself be creative. THIS IS A NEW TEMPER, send the message to the few that the many say BACK OFF. The assault on nature is not just an assault on aesthetic, but on meaning. Allow yourself to feel the connections. After all, nature has no laws (only habits) therefore law is unnatural.

Molly Abzug
April, 93

Editor’s note: This writing originally appeared in the liner notes for the �TCHKUNG! release Post World Handbook:

�TchKunG! at FUNC
Crashing The System by Devon

they sleep in the street and the wealthy laugh
what will it say on your epitaph
corporate parasite
how can you sleep at night?
don’t you know our silence is your only might?
fly around the world in your jet
it’s so easy for you to forget
your wealth, it comes from others hands
robbing the workers and raping the land
truth is the virus-go-round
crashing the system down
we will not bow down
we will not be afraid
we are strong and the choice is made
all around us is despair
yet we’ve heroes everywhere
you live your life as though you�re safe
while you’re surrounded by our hate
faith and will resound
crashing the system down

Editor�s Note: This writing was read before one of their shows in Seattle, WA (at the Weathered Wall?).

The sick, criminal, detritus detained
before you has been apprehended by
the people for impugning our sovereign
rights as a Social body.

He stands accused of the following

(1) Feeding those who have allowed themselves
to starve, basking in the luxury of Homelessness.

(2) Propagating Knowledges which the people
have themselves proclaimed they are better
not knowing.

(3) Defacing the property of those who have by
felicitous effort Risen to the Apex of Social
standing to better the quality of life for Everyone.

(4) Not working and secretly sucking the Nipple of
social services & Thereby taxing the People’s ability to provide
educational, cultural & domestic services for those who are
truly needy.

(5) And the greatest crime of All: proclaiming the State to be slave-master
& so dizzying the minds of others. You who have so
gleefully lived & cheated and broken our rules. w/o an
apology, w/o remorse, are sentenced to Trial w/o jury.

Our verdict is, “guilty.”
And your punishment is ‘public execution.’

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2007 Events

  • Currently seeking a female vocalist/violinist and a knob-twiddling keyboard-playing sample whiz for new band.

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2002 �TchKunG! Tour Dates

  • Post World Industries
  • Thurday Oct 17 — Anchorage, AK @ Chilkoot Charlies (21+)
  • Friday Oct 18 — Homer, AK @ Alison’s (21+)
  • Friday Nov 1 — Redmond, WA @ Old Firehouse
  • Saturday Nov 2 — Seattle, WA @ I-Spy (21+)
  • Friday Nov 8 — Olympia, WA @ Capitol Theater (backstage)
  • Friday Nov 15 — Portland, OR @ Medicine Hat - Plan B (21+)
  • Saturday Nov 16 — Eugene, OR @ WoW Hall
  • Saturday Dec 7 — Seattle, WA @ The Fremont UNconventional Centre (aka the FUNC) (or listen from the comfort of your living room on FUCC 89.1 FM )

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