Why People Hate
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April 20th being Adolph Hitler's birthday and celebrated by many Nazis throughout the world, I feel it necessary I should help provide students with a better understanding of how and why so many people insist on being racist or otherwise harbor hateful feelings toward others.

While I attended a US Department of Defense Dependents School in Germany and receiving there a well-coveted Presidential Academic Fitness Award for Government, we were shown the film "The Wave" which is based upon actual events that occurred in a California school during the late 1960s. Understanding its implications is crucial to this discussion.

The primary element of behavioral conditioning such as this is to fool kids into automatically disbelieving anything relating to the concept of a "conspiracy" and thus make rational discussion of such subject matter virtually impossible.

The first seeds of this Nazi programming was an astounding success and has effectively served to prevent people from learning any of the other hidden factors of the countless conspiracies being perpetrated by global governments.

Victims of the programming grow up to believe blatant lies instructed by so-called "authority figures" while refusing to accept the obvious truths presented by those who would challenge their faulty belief systems.

Related to "The Wave," during World War Two the US military contracted Disney Studios to produce a propaganda film called "Education for Death."

As just one example of an extreme form of this kind of manipulation, students should understand the scientific facts portrayed in the 1977 movie "Telefon" as related by through my research.

While the film "Telefon" is merely a Hollywood depiction of Soviet "sleeper agents" implanted near American military and civilian infrastructures, the premise is frighteningly real and involving children raised in the US Central Intelligence Agency's MK-ULTRA and similar projects throughout the world who have begun escaping the control of their "handlers."

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