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Microraptor gui

Microraptor gui (JPG)

Microraptor gui skeleton (JPG)

Microraptor gui. a, Skeleton of Microraptor gui (IVPP V13352). Scale bar, 5 cm. b, A computerized tomography (CT) image of the major part of the IVPP V13352. Scale bar, 13 cm. Scanning was performed using a CT machine (LightSpeed Qx/i) at an energy level of 140 kV and 250 mA. The images were collected at a size of 800 600 pixels. On the basis of comparison of adjacent fracture-face geometries, density of adjacent pieces, and continuity across fractures of bones (see ref. 45), we find a few pieces are unverified or assembled in the wrong position (marked by asterisks). For example, one small piece containing the anterior end of the skull and a medium-sized piece near the right forelimb preserving some arm feathers are dubious. The latter is actually from the counter slab. However, the CT information suggests that most pieces lie together in their natural relationships, including pieces containing the forelimb, hindlimb and associated feather impressions. This is concordant with microscopic observations. c, A reconstruction of M. gui showing the morphology and distribution of the pennaceous feathers. Scale bar, 6 cm.

— Xing Xu, Zhonghe Zhou, Xialin Wang, Xuewen Kuang, Fucheng Zhang & Xiangke Du, “Four-winged dinosaurs from China,” Nature, 421, 335 - 340 (23 Jan 2003).

Microraptor gui evolution (JPG)

Op. cit.

Watch The Four-Winged Dinosaur on NOVA at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/microraptor/program.html (retrieved 17 February 2009).

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