Chemical Warfare
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Operation Big City exposes New York to biological agents

* Update: Frank Olson was determined to have been murdered before he was thrown from the window.

LSD tested on US Soldiers and early chemtrails

US news reports barium in chemtrails

United Kingdom admits to spraying toxic chemtrails

Depleted Uranium Hazard Awareness
US Army Training Film

According to U.S. media reports, there are well below 5,000 U.S. soldiers who have been killed in Iraq. However, this data [is] very misleading.… U.S. investigative researchers have discovered an official U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs official, but not well publicized count, of 73,846 U.S. soldiers who have perished as an apparent result of Depleted Uranium based bio-chemical warfare exposure. This exceeds an estimate of 58,000 U.S. soldiers who had been killed in relation to the Vietnam War. Well over 200,000 American soldiers could be killed by 2010, as a result of the after effects of exposure to U.S. dirty bombs. Over One million U.S. soldiers have apparently been disabled from Depleted Uranium based biochemical exposure. Over one million Iraqis have also been documented to have been killed.

— Peter Tremblay and researchers, "Over 70,000 deaths, and over 1 million disabilities among American soldiers attributed to Iraq Wars says U.S. government data," The Canadian, at (sourced: 4 April 2008).

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