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cc, the cloned kitten

cc: the cloned kitten in beaker
Seven week old "Carbon Copy", "Copy Cat" or "cc:"

— Helen Pearson, “Gene marks clones for death,” Nature, 15 May 2002.

Nuclear-donor cat Rainbow, and cloned kitten "cc:" with her surrogate mother Allie
Nuclear-donor cat, and cloned kitten with its surrogate mother (JPG)

— T Shin, D Kraemer, J Pryor, L Liu, J Rugila, L Howe, S Buck, K Murphy, L Lyons & M Westhusin, “Cell biology: A cat cloned by nuclear transplantation,” Nature, 415, 859 (21 Feb 2002).

Rainbow and cc (JPG)

Rainbow, left, nuzzles the ear of her clone 'cc', for 'carbon copy', on a table at Texas A&M University Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2003, in College Station, Texas, a little more than a year after cc's birth. Even though the cats share the same DNA, each use it differently, leaving them with different markings and individual personalities. (AP Photo / Pat Sullivan)

cc (JPG)     cc with Duane Kraemer (JPG)

cc relaxes at home (AP / San Antonio Express-News, Edward Ornelas)

cc held by owner and researcher Duane Kraemer. (AP Photo)

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