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  • I hope you did remember to bring gum.
  • "Does that go the whole way through?!"
  • "Damn, our braces locked again!"
  • "Georgie, how's my breath?"
  • "I missed you at Bohemian Grove, sexy."
  • "I'm this far from having absolute power, God told me this yesterday while I was plotting bringing democracy to those heathen bastards in Iran too."
  • "I am this far from declaring worldwide martial law."
  • "It's NOT the size of the weapon. It's the fury of the attack!"
  • "Oh yeah? Well, MINE got THAT big once!"
  • "Hey Doc, Do you think "Levitra" is right for me?"
  • "Missed the popular vote by THAT much."
  • "Hail Satan for those male enhancement drugs!"
  • "Hey Waitress! Two more beers over here!"
  • "Man, I HATE foreign food...and foreigners...oops, I mean gays."
  • "They're catching on to me, mommy..."
  • "Time to repress another memory...I am at Disneyland...Disneyland!" — Bart Simpson
  • "Clever costume, Jacko, but you better leave me alone."

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