Bugsy Malone (1976)

Wikipedia — The film centers around an ongoing gang battle between Fat Sam, named because of his physique, and Dandy Dan, named for his classy fashion sense. The conflict is set in 1930's America gripped by Prohibition. Fat Sam's various business interests are being systematically raided by Dandy Dan's gangsters, who with their superior firepower (splurge guns) easily eliminate Sam's henchmen.

Bugsy Malone, the main character, begins the film as a bystander, a penniless boxing promoter who is down on his luck. A desperate Fat Sam recruits Bugsy as a driver, and Bugsy, hard-up and needing the money, agrees to help him.

Bugsy's love interest in the film is Blousey Brown, a shy but ambitious girl desperate to be a film star in Hollywood. Bugsy meets Blousey early in the film at Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy. With the money Bugsy earns from Sam, Bugsy promises to take Blousey to Hollywood. However, Bugsy is later mugged and his money stolen. During the mugging, Bugsy is rescued by Leroy Smith, whose natural fighting talent he recognizes. Bugsy takes Leroy to his local gym to train him as a boxer. Leroy becomes Bugsy's unofficial sidekick.

Blousey's worries intensify as she finds Bugsy flirting with Tallulah, Fat Sam's girlfriend and the lead singer at the speakeasy.

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