Artificial Afterlife

I've been asked to describe the Artificial Afterlife of which I speak.

Let me first start with what Jesus is written to have said. It's mentioned in more than one place: Many that are first will be last, and the last first to enter the kingdom of Heaven. He goes on to describe a parable (Matthew 19.30) where a householder hires laborers to work for him. Some arrive early in the day and work all day. Others arrive late in the day and only work a few hours. When it comes time to pay them, the householder starts with those that just arrived. He gives everyone the same amount, and the ones who worked the longest grumble that they got the same pay for doing more work.

Those that worked the least are this generation during which time the technology to save humanity was finally perfected. Those that lived in past history will have to be saved by going back in time to grab their "souls." (I regret I haven't studied more physics to better explain time travel.)

Futurists predict a day society will create technology to allow us to live forever in computers, but it's already here and controlled by my spy network which has been fighting againt New World Order abusers like the CIA's MK-ULTRA since before I joined them in 1975. My first blog entry on MySpace is about Secret Christian Soldiers.

The technology of the artificial afterlife consists of undetectable, weaponized nanotech brain implants combined with a vast quantum computer array in which to save our memories, personalities, and whatever else makes us who we think we are including DNA. It may or may not be located entirely on Earth. (If you don't yet believe in UFOs, do some research. Practically every NASA space flight has encountered them.)

My people and others showed me several advanced technologies as a child that the public sector is still years away from achieving.

For example, in October 2004 scientists announced they had created a brain tissue computer chip that can pilot a virtual F-16 jet. I was first shown such a missile guidance chip back around 1976. It has taken that long for the public sector to get around to creating one.

Basically everything reported as "new" in my Brain Implants essay has been around for years in top secrecy. I felt quite special recently when right after writing a story for about remote-controlled fruit flies infesting the White House one of my household variety did an amazingly rare thing and actually land on my computer screen. It stared directly at the words "Lamb of God" on my music player before hopping over to my microphone and not budging while I adjusted it to tell my voice chat buddies.

There are many technologies decades ahead of what the public sector knows about. My people in 1975 showed me their computer system that they demonstrated could morph objects in real time. I'm sure it was much more powerful than that and has only become more advanced since. I was told it used light to process a million bits of information at once; compare today's piddly 32-bit systems using electricity or even the most advanced supercomputers which are basically just comprised of several of the same electronic chips.

The technology my people are using can apparently hijack someone's consciousness, letting them think they're doing one thing when in reality they're controlled to do something completely different.

Say for example a hit squad was sent to kill someone too important to let die. The assassins might be led to believe they're actually murdering the target when in reality they're maybe just still sleeping in their beds. Their interactions with each other would seem as real as anything else with corroborating stories, but in actuality their minds were led to believe what we wanted them to believe.

While I haven't really seen the movie, people tell me I'm describing The Matrix.

Life in the artificial afterlife would be like the most vivid lucid dream anyone could possibly have, even far more "realistic" than what we're currently used to, but without the stupid biological functions that I always ask my doctors whose sick idea of a joke that was. I get the funniest looks when I ask them about brain implants and an even funnier one when I explain to them brain implant technologies they already know or should know about.

Everyone will be saved whether they like it or not. Society has been warned for thousands of years about this. If someone deserving of Heaven doesn't want to attend, they can certainly opt to just sit in limbo forever, though we'd definately check in on them every so often to ask if they're still sure they don't want to come join in the fun.

Unfortunately 99.9% of people aren't going to Heaven, at least not at first. There is a huge percentage of the population (beginning with too many politicians) who are going straight to Hell for their evil deeds. That's one reason they're so Hell-bent on achieving power here before they die.

Most people will go to Pergatory. I think the band Nirvana put it best: "You're in high school again" to learn what it means to actually be Good.

Christians believe they'll wait in line to enter the Pearly Gates, but that doesn't really teach them anything. Sure we might include the line for the fun of it just to watch their expressions seeing some of the Good people inside the Gates sitting around in a drum circle getting high in plain sight. Plus it's a good opportunity to discover who hasn't learned patience yet.

With 2012 quickly approaching, people need to realize that the New World Order is planning an attack to coincide with our solar system just now entering the plane of maximum gravitational pull from the rotation of our galaxy which has long been predicated will cause major natural disasters and polar magnetic shifts. So-called sheeple are going to absolutely freak out when the events start going down around them: martial law, FEMA concentration camps and all. Soldiers have been well-programmed to follow their orders without remorse.

It's unfortunate that sheeple can't see past their paychecks and are just too clueless to care about let alone comprehend the realities of life without hours upon hours of intensive lecturing just to get past their ego defenses programmed into them from childhood by the New World Order minions.

As I tell people, it's really difficult being Chaotic Good in a Lawful Evil world, but someone has to risk their life to save humanity and our fellow Earthlings be they cherished pet or lowly mosquito; and those people are us Secret Christian Soldiers.

Back in the early 1990s one of my college professors asked me to delete my saved files for the Sim City game on the lab's computer. I refused on moral grounds explaining that we basically live in the vast computer that is our universe and certainly wouldn't want some God just deleting us because we're supposedly a waste of time and space. I further explained that someone is bound to write a computer program where the "Sims" run around asking and attempting to answer questions like "what is the meaning of life?" and "is there a God?"

I felt utterly horrible recently when I watched my friend's daughter playing a Sims game where her character kept sobbing because she didn't have a boyfriend and was forced to sell her possessions.

In 1996, just before all Hell broke loose in my life for going public with the New World Order crimes I witnessed as a child, someone wrote on the board in class "What is God?" On the back of my psychology test I wrote: "God is an amorphous blob of sentient plasmic goo." Today I'd add that it too believes in a higher power, for what created it?

I think the piously religious are going to have the most trouble with the Transition because they've been thoroughly brainwashed to follow what the creepy old men in charge of their spiritual growth tell them to believe about the meaning of being spiritual with no room to think for themselves and grow beyond the confines of self.

Click to view complete image of Mother Mary with UFO

As a child I used to get kicked out of Sunday School every weekend for questioning church dogma. "How can a star fly?" (Matthew 2.9) and "Why does our church have bake sales when Jesus would disapprove?" (Matthew 21.12, Mark 11.15, John 2.14) were two biggies that the "teacher" certainly wouldn't stand for, especially when the other children started taking my side.

Even in public school, teachers would become enraged that I refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, instead telling them I wanted to stand for all children of all nations, not a country I just happened to be born into.

I got into trouble at school regularly for challenging their doctrines, and often getting away with it. Eventually, when I graduated in Germany from a US Department of Defense Dependents School, I was awarded a Presidential Academic Fitness Award for Government. Shoot, I even took the SATs unstudied and with the worst hangover of my life yet still scored better than 90+% of kids. The following year at the University of Washington I won a Dorm Leadership Award despite getting into trouble on numerous occassions. Today I describe myself as a lifelong grunge-hippie award-winning rabble-rouser.

Sheeple prefer to look down on me though. As the saying goes: "If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?" They'd rather see me as a crazy loser druggie than someone who's actually risking my life to save theirs.

I grew up with a sign hanging in my bathroom that really must've stuck in my head: "Money is the root of all evil." I abhore capitalism. Back when I made good money, I hated how competition and greed made me feel, yet many people thrive on it at the cost of their eternal souls.

It's really time for everyone to start changing their ways, to break from their early programming and learn to think for themselves at all costs as long as it's for the greater good, and to not fear death as the end of their existance. People need to learn the difference between lust and love and stop living their greedy, selfish lives thinking they're doing good by following the rigid mores society has taught them is the proper way to live. Traditions only serve to enslave people into the mold that is servitude.

As my favorite band ¡TchKunG! records in my favorite song "Born in a Barn": People "need to go and study their history and really understand the True Teachings rather than some fear-infested cancerous growth of a talk show host spewing out fear and death and decay to people and that they better subscribe money to [him or her] before their souls go burning in eternal damnation."

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