Aeon Now is a cabaret chameleon changing
from deep shades of jazz, to raw punk,
to glimmering gypsy with theatrical flair.


Accordion bellows, drum beats, and big brass
paint a dream from the depths of boom-chank
that awaken to a fanfare of dramatic triumph.

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Timeless Outlaws

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Dreampunk Manifesto -

We are dreaming, and in this dream an idea has sprung from the ashes of prior countercultures,
a Phoenix of Thought that burns above the corpse of Punk Rock, of Hippy, above politics, and above this half awake society.

In this dream a community is growing. A community that is using Mutual Aid
to lift each other out of the nightmarish culture we live in and into a place of Truth and Freedom.

I choose to separate myself from society not to seek its outright destruction but through creation bring about a new culture.
I've felt the pain of living in poverty and the false pleasure of succeeding in a world where wealth is finite
and my success is another's failure.

I've seen people fighting a losing battle with the oppression all around us and escaping from it using alcohol and drugs and anger,
and I'm here to say escape is possible, freedom is reachable. We are living in these glorious possibilities,
but it is up to you to remove yourself from this rotting society. It is up to us to grow, to push our boundaries,
to dream the life we want to live and live the dream. MAKE ART, write, read, communicate, paint, f***,
take a deep breath and show this crippled world we don't need it to thrive.

I am dreaming.
I am,

Aeon Now
Cottage Grove, Oregon